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SE-80C Cardiochecker
Video Phone Deal




  •  Value differences of ST segment

  • Lenght of the QRS complex

  • alterations in the heart rate (arrthythmia)

Video phone: we have them in different categories

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This equipment is a voice over-IP technology that provides money saving for unlimited local and international calls. Other features:

Vizufon Features :

  • Network: 10/100 BT Supports dynamic IP (LAN, DSL, ADSL and Cable Modem)
  • Video: CIF Resolution 352X 288 pixels. IP video phone can be used as a sign language interface, remote surveillance, remote medical examination, and more
  • Audio: Frequency response 50Hz - 3.4KHz
  • E-Mail: Send and receive e-mail i.e. SMS (Short Message Service).
  • Supports wireless IR keyboard.
  • Personal Information Management System (phonebook, Call log, etc)
  • Supports international standards; H.323 and SIP protocols.
  • Service Plans. Apply online